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Pen Selwood parish is situated at the meeting point of 3 counties, Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire, to the north east of Wincanton and is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as well as an area rich in history[Click here]. Its residents enjoy the peace and quiet and the stunning views from the ridge over the Blackmore Vale to Glastonbury Tor and beyond.

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Village Defibrillator out of action

The Village Defibrillator has developed a fault which we are trying to get resolved.  In the meantime it is unuseable and has been removed from the telephone box.…


Posted by Jenny Steadman on April 1, 2020 at 11:16

Pear Ash loop rule


Sorry, Just Joking! I thought it was time to raise morale and check that plenty of people were reading notices on the website.

Thanks for all your comments and emails, I…


Posted by Admin on March 31, 2020 at 12:30 — 11 Comments

Local food

I've updated the food and food deliveries list thanks to your inputs. You'll find the latest on the Help on Coronavirus page.  Keep the information…


Posted by Admin on March 30, 2020 at 10:15


Requests & Offers

Offers & Requests

I’ve switched the page around a bit for the time being. If you have an offer or a request to make they will be more visible and the Events are further down the page. GeoffContinue

Started by geoff parcell on Saturday.

Have you used a Speech to Text App? 6 Replies

Our daughter is considering writing a book.  She really does not have a great deal of patience when it comes to technology. Her creativity/words come out so quickly that she has a job to type it up quick enough and then comes the frustration. However, in the past she had spoken about exploring programs that would make this project easier on her laptop.  Now that she will be staying in her flat - I wondered if she will find that this will become a project that she will take up sooner rather than…Continue

Started by Gilly. Last reply by Gilly Mar 26.

Meals, meat and veg sourcing

Hi,If anyone is struggling with shopping/ ingredients availability etc or getting a warm meal during this time I maybe able to help you. I run a catering business called Victoria O’Brien Ltd, we live a Bowling Green in the village.We have a freezer full of ready meals of cottage pie, Shepard’s pie, lasagnes, meat pies and pasties. These are all supplied to Andrew Barclays in Wincanton. I’m happy to sell these to locals if required. They come in a single or two people portion (s).I’m happy to…Continue

Started by Victoria Mar 21.

Keeping Sane 4 Replies

Given that most if not all social activities are being cancelled its important we retain some social connection.Think about who you might telephone or video link with. They will appreciate a call in these uncertain times.Get outdoors - We are surrounded by wonderful countryside so get some exercise. As long as you keep 2 metres away from others its an opportunity for a chat and to discover how others are coping.Theres no excuse now for not getting the garden in good order. How about we have a…Continue

Started by Admin. Last reply by Gilly Mar 19.


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