Walks in and around Pen Selwood

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Here are a series of walks for you to print and enjoy. They each take approximately 2 hours and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and dogs on a lead.  Always obey the Countryside Code.

All walks suggested are at your own risk.

If you find broken stiles or gates please contact either:

Somerset County Council's the interactive map.  Link

and/or The Parish Path Liaison Officer (PPLO).                                                                                          

Walk 1

This walk starts at the carpark next to the church and takes you through Pen Forest to the Hunters Lodge, before returning to the church. A distance of just over 3 miles.

Download Walk 1


Walk 2

A two mile walk around Pen Selwood starting out at the church, following down Underhill, across to Coombe Street then returning via Pear Ash Lane.


                                                              Download Walk 2



Walk 3

A short walk of just under 2miles taking in Ballands Castle and a small lake, starts and finishes at the church


 Download Walk 3



Walk 4

A varied walk of 3.4 miles taking in part of Long Lane track, across Underhill to Ballands Castle then returning through Pen Forest.


                                                                  Download Walk 4


Walk 4A

A 3.4 mile walk starting and finishing at the church. Please note that currently the bridge and stile at Ballands Castle is under repair


 Download Walk 4A




Walk 5
A walk taking in part of Monarch's Way, through Pen Pits, past Pear Ash Farm and back along the Pen Ridge, a distance of 2.7 miles


 Download Walk 5


Walk 6

A walk of 3 1/4 miles reaching the County boundary with Dorset and with Wiltshire before walking along the edge of the Coombe to Pear Ash before returning to the church.

  Download Walk 6




Walk 7

Along Monarch's Way, around Castle Orchard and up the steep part of Coombe Street before cutting across the fields back to the church. A distance of less than 3 miles.

 Download Walk 7

Walk 8

This is a walk of approx 3 miles starting out along the ridge before looping back to take in Pear Ash Farm, Edenvale Farm and Long Lane Farm.


Download Walk 8



Walk 9

A walk which circles the village of Pen Selwood taking in Pear Ash, Castle Orchard and the Long Lane track


 Download Walk 9


Walk 10

A walk of 3.35 miles.


  Download Walk 10





Walk 11

A circular walk of approximately 2.5 miles around Coombe Street. An easy, mostly level, dog friendly walk at any time of year, but particularly attractive when spring flowers are out.


  Download Walk 11

Walk 12

Starting and finishing in Coombe Street this three-mile walk circles Pear Ash Farm.


Download Walk 12



Walk 13

This 4 mile walk sets out along Pen Ridge then turns to follow the county boundary with Wiltshire with Shootershill Copse to the left. It descends  to Pen Pits then rises up Coombe Bottom to Pear Ash and returns to the church.

Download Walk 13



Walk 14

A 4.5 mile walk from the church to Pear Ash Farm then along the edge of the woods then back through Shootershill Copse, past Fordswater Farm and the ford, across the Coombe and back via Pear Ash.


Download Walk 14


Walk 15

Starting at the War Memorial in Field Lane, a 2.3 mile walk on filed paths, quiet lanes and no significant hills


 Download Walk 15



Walk 16

The Pear Ash Lane/ Field Lane loop. A simple 1.2 mile loop on rural roads giving a full flavour of the countryside without the stiles!

Download Walk 16




Walk 17

Starting near the top of Coombe street this is a 2.6 mile walk to Bourton and back via a different route. 


 Download Walk 17


Walk 18

A longer Walk of 4.2 miles starting at the church with stiles


Download Walk 18 





Walk 19

A walk of 4.1 miles taking approximately 2 hours with stiles starting and finishing at the church. 


 Download Walk 19



Walk 20

A longer walk of 4.2 miles talking approximately 2 hours. Start and finish at the church


Download Walk 20 




Walk 21

 A walk of 2.4 miles starting at The Hunter's Lodge. Perhaps a suitable walk for after a pub lunch


Download Walk 21

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