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New Members Welcome

2022 to 2023 season oil buying dates are:

Monday 5th September 2022

Monday 14th November 2022

Monday 9th January 2023

Monday 13th March 2023

Monday 8th May 2023

  1. The above dates can be found on the Pen Web Site at http://penselwood.ning.com/ in the Pen Paper and on the village notice boards.
  2. An email reminder will be sent out a week before the buying dates, please email your order by 9am on the dates shown above. If you are unable to email, you can phone your order through on 01747 841481. 
  3. I will acknowledge receipt of your order (normally on the day) with an email reply, if you don’t receive an acknowledgement within a couple of days, please ring me to make sure your order has arrived, the email system it appears is not infallible!!
  4. When ordering please clearly state if you are ordering an exact quantity or a fill up with the amount you require, the minimum legal order quantity is 500 litres. If you need an URGENT delivery, please let me know at order time, the oil companies will try to accommodate this request but it’s not guaranteed during periods of high demand and they may refuse if the request comes in late.
  5. Orders are normally delivered within seven to ten days from placement of order, I will let you know if the delivery period is going to be longer than this.
  6. As before all members are responsible for settling their own bills, if you are billed after delivery, please settle your account promptly. Alternatively, you may be contacted by the oil company for prepayment, this depends on the oil company’s payment policies or on your credit history with a company. 
  7. If you have changed any of your contact details this year, can you let me know please so I can keep the records I and the oil companies use up to date.

Richard Gething.

Email richard.gething@outlook.com

Tel 01747 841481 

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