Oil buying group

This Group is now being run by Richard Gething (contact details are below.) If you are interested in reducing your fuel bill please contact him.


Monday September 19th 2016

Monday November 14th 2016

Monday January 16th 2017

Monday March 6th 2017

Monday May 15th 2017

Please send your orders a few days before the due date by email to richard.gething@btconnect.com If you unable to email please phone your order through on 01747 841481 (there is an answer machine if I’m not able to pick up).

When ordering please tell me how many litres you require or, if you require your tank filled, the approximate number of litres required. Please remember the minimum legal order quantity is 500 litres.

Orders are normally delivered within a few days from placement of order; if you haven’t received your order within 10 days or are running very low please let me know.

As before members will be billed by the oil company direct and are responsible for settling their own bills in accordance with the oil company’s terms and conditions.

In order to keep running cost low can you please email where possible, thank you.

To help me run the Buying Group efficiently could I ask all members to confirm the following ASAP please?

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your delivery address including post code (for drivers using sat nav)
  3. Your email address if you have one.
  4. Your phone number (in case I need clarification of your order)
  5. Any special delivery instructions you have.
  6. If you require any oil additives (sometimes needed for older AGA stoves)
  7. Please indicate if you would be willing to check on oil prices from time to time to ensure we are getting the best prices possible.

My contact details are

Richard Gething, Postgate, Bleak Street, Penselwood BA9 8LZ.

Email richard.gething@btconnect.com

Tel 01747 841481

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