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The Aim   This community website aims to connect people with information and people with people. It aims to provide accurate and up to date information about Pen Selwood. This website came about due to the development of a Community plan in 2012.

The Audience   This website is aimed principally at residents of Pen Selwood and also people visiting, or thinking of visiting, Pen Selwood.

Guiding Principles   There are several guiding principles by which this website is run:

  • Accurate information.
  • This website is not cluttered with advertising but a basic page is provided for legitimate businesses owned and run by residents of Pen Selwood. Contact the administrators if you want something added.
  • This website has no political or religious bias.
  • Residents of Pen Selwood can check the website content and suggest edits, amendments, additions and deletions, and can add news items, events, offers and requests.

Privacy   Your email will not be visible to anyone but the Administrators of this site. You are able to send message to anyone who has signed up to this site without knowing their email address. Normally only residents can become members though anyone can read what is on the site, except for those Groups who choose to be a closed group. It is up to individuals whether they post a picture of themselves and if they give contact details. Don't display someone else's email, photo or phone number on a page without their permission. Normal caution is advised.

Legal   All text, images and other content belong exclusively to the original supplier of same. Unless stated otherwise usage is according to Creative Commons. The website maintainers/ owners, and all content providers, are not liable for any damages, expense, injury or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any content which is accessed or used in any manner.

Contact  The website is maintained by a group of residents and can be contacted via the following email ourpenselwood@gmail.com

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