Financial Information

Accounts Papers 2017/18

Exemption Certificate

Assets Register 2018

Annual Governance 2018

Internal Audit 2018

Expenditure over £100 for year ending 31.3.18

Insurance  £300.95

Clerks Salary for year £2441.92

Clerks Expenses for year £367.12

Pen Paper  £313.60

PCC  £300

Community Field Grant  £250

Hall Rental  £120

Hosting of Website for 2 years  £339.90

SSCAT    £150

New Salt Bin  £138.78

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return for the year ended 31 March 2018

The Audit for 2016/17 has now  been completed by the appointed Auditors  and Accounts can be viewed by contacting the Clerk.

Expenditure over £100 for Financial Year ending 31.3.17

Pen Paper Costs £296.80

Hosting for Website Platform £169.95

Insurance  £309.72

Clerks expenses for year £302.57

Clerks wages for year £2356.40

Donation to PCC £300.00

Village Hall Rental  £120

Accounts for year ending 31.3.17

Internal Audit 2016/17Annual Governance 2016/17

Exercise of Public Rights for Accounts to 31.3.17

Audit Conclusion 2015/16

Exercise of Public Rights for Accounts to 31.3.16

Annual Governance

Annual Internal Audit

All Items of Expenditure above £100 for the year ending 31.3.16

Salary and Expenses  Clerk -   £3934

Insurance  £498

PCC Grant  £500

Website Fee  £169

Election Costs SSDC  £171

Hall Fees    £165

Community Field   £250

End of Year Accounts

Annual Governance Statement  See above

Internal Audit Report   See above

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