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Fete Cancellation

Hello Everyone,

The Fete Committee has decided to cancel the 2020 Pen Selwood Fete.

We have spoken to many stallholders and those who provide support for the Fete over the past week. Their views have been unanimous in thinking the Fete should not go ahead. The difficulty in complying with social distancing guidelines concerned many, some feel they are unwilling to support or attend the event for fear of being exposed to the virus, and others thought it…


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Village Hall

The village hall committee have their AGM on July 22nd via Zoom. We will be discussing the procedures to be undertaken in order to reopen the hall for villagers and other users.

If any villager has questions or wishes to make a comment, please submit to me at and it will be considered.

Please be assured that the hall will not be reopened until we can ensure the safety of users.

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No water!

we have no water in Pen this morning around area of Church and the Green.  Wessex Water have confirmed there is a burst mains in the area. I’m not sure if it extends to the whole of the village but they will notify affected households.

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Pentertainment 4

You'll find it here.

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What do you think of Pentertainment?

The 4th issue of Pentertainment is currently being prepared for distribution. We’d like to know: Do you read them? Do you like them? Do you want more? On the other hand if you think they are no longer necessary as we come out of lockdown let us know.  Please give some feedback via comments to this or by contacting Adrian Carter, the…

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NHS Test & Trace - beware of fraudulent calls

If the NHS test and trace service contacts you, the service will use text messages, email or phone.

All texts or emails will ask you to sign into the NHS test and trace contact-tracing website.

If NHS test and trace calls you by phone, the service will be using a single phone number: 0300 013 5000.

All information you provide to the NHS test and trace service is held in strict confidence…


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Unlocking lockdown

From 13 June and then from 15 June changes in the rules apply. See government statement here.

If you are weighing up the risks then remember there are three key factors that determine risk of exposure: proximity to people; duration of exposure; and how confined the environment is. The…


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Plant Swap

The Plant Swap is now up and running outside the door of the Village Hall. Did your seeds fail to germinate? Did you forget to water them?

There's a collection of surplus plants for you to chose from. Take what you need and swap with surplus ones if you have…


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Coming out of lockdown from 1st June

What you can and can't do…


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Pentertainment Issue 3

Just what you've been waiting for, issue 3 of Pentertainment and the answers to the sports quiz.

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Want to improve your digital skills?

I don’t think there’s a single one of us that doesn’t need to improve their digital skills, Whether it’s writing emails, using social media apps or getting to grips with spreadsheets.  “But I don’t have time just now” is the usual excuse.

There hasn’t been a better time or opportunity to pick up some skills which will benefit you now and when the lockdown is lifted. See the range of opportunities from the Dept for Education   …


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Latest Information and Guidance on Coronavirus

Somerset County Council have set out the most recent information in a way that will guide you to what you want to know, with links to the various Government documents.

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Defibrillator now OK

The defibrillator is now back in service.

Jenny Steadman

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Recycling sites reopening/ Green bin collection restarts  See restrictions.

Frome site will open on 11 May.   Castle Cary site will open on 26 May

Garden waste (Green bins) will be collected from week commencing 11 May

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Village Defibrillator out of action

I am sorry to report that the defibrillator is again out of action.  The nearest alternative is at Bourton Garage.

We are in contact with the manufacturer to try and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Jenny Steadman, Parish Council

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How other rural communities are dealing with COVID-19

Read here

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Parish Council meeting

The Parish Council meeting on May 13th  will be held as a virtual meeting at 3pm.  The agenda is published on Parish Council page and any questions to the Parish Council should be emailed to the clerk this week. Due to the circumstances this meeting will not be open to the public, a situation which we intend to remedy. Under the guidelines there will be no AGM or Village meeting this year.

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Want to chat to someone?

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Since lockdown there has been a big increase in people walking around the village and there have been incidents of people straying off the footpaths onto private land. This has been particularly noticeable on Pen House land off Underhill, including one sighting of people on bikes riding around the lake in the garden.  We would ask everyone to stay on the footpaths, which are well marked, through fields and across land and where there are gates on the path to make sure you shut them behind…


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