To everyone who has been working on (or not, like me!) their 12" x 12" panel,could I suggest the end of September as the date to aim for completion and return your work to me.
If there's anyone else who would like to have a go and a bit of a challenge, then all you have to do is create a scene on a piece of cotton fabric (which I can supply) measuring 14" x 14" overall, leaving a border of 1" all the way round, depicting an aspect of village life that is important to you. Use any mixed media you like as long as the finished piece can be sewn together with the other panels.
Just label your work and leave it in my conservatory at the front of the house if I'm not at home. Don't be shy and say it's not good enough! Nothing is being judged and the final work should reflect all abilities and interests.
Contact Pat Cuthbert at Seven Springs. Tel: 841101

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