Theft from car - time to tighten up your security

A car parked outside the field where the parking takes place for the Fete was broken into this morning.  Belinda, Franey Matthews daughter left a handbag on the passenger seat.  10 minutes after she parked and was working a little way off with a pony, she heard her car alarm trigger and when she had sorted the pony came back to find the near side passenger window had been smashed and her bag snatched.  Fortunately it had nothing of value in it so she’s hoping it will be dumped nearby.

Belinda had noticed a man standing looking over the gate of the Community Field as she arrived and thought he looked a little odd at the time.  She thinks his vehicle was pale blue or grey.  

It happened between about 10 and 10:10am today, Monday.  The police will be informed.

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Comment by Admin on August 20, 2018 at 16:59

and another. Keep an eye on the Neighbourhood Watch alerts

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