Another amazing Fete..... and a wonderful array of sandwiches and cakes of all kinds  were generously donated yet again by so many people in the village. I am amazed every year to see the tables heaving with such goodies. Thank you all so very much.

Many thanks to Helen ,who arranges the rota of servers for all these cakes and sandwiches. It is quite a task.  The long queue for teas started at 12.30 pm and there was no pause until 3.15pm! Richard ,who was on the till, did not come up for air until a lot later.... thank you so much Richard. We will try to think of an easier way next year.

Thank you to all the Servers , washer uppers ,dryer uppers, tea pourers and cleaner uppers and  the one and only Urn operator, Adrian. It was a truly amazing effort by everyone plus a lot of fun. Thank you. Here's to the next time!  Rosemary.

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