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Defibrillator now OK

The defibrillator is now back in service.

Jenny Steadman

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Village Defibrillator out of action

I am sorry to report that the defibrillator is again out of action.  The nearest alternative is at Bourton Garage.

We are in contact with the manufacturer to try and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Jenny Steadman, Parish Council

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Since lockdown there has been a big increase in people walking around the village and there have been incidents of people straying off the footpaths onto private land. This has been particularly noticeable on Pen House land off Underhill, including one sighting of people on bikes riding around the lake in the garden.  We would ask everyone to stay on the footpaths, which are well marked, through fields and across land and where there are gates on the path to make sure you shut them behind…


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Defibrillator back in service

The problem with the village defibrillator (in the Bleak Street telephone box) has been resolved and it is now back in place and in working order.

Jenny Steadman

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Black Bin Cafe closure

In the light of the latest government recommendations I am sorry to say that the Black Bin Café is now closed until such official advice changes.

Jenny Steadman

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Sycamore tree update.

Work on the tree will be carried out next Thursday 6th February.

Jenny Steadman

Parish Council.

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Sycamore Tree reduction


After consultations with Somerset Highways it became clear that, for safety reasons, a significant reduction needed to be carried out as per the photo.  This is, at least, better than losing the tree completely and we can hope for some new growth in time.   We have asked for the work to be done as soon as possible, before the nesting…


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Bench under the Sycamore Tree.

The Parish Council have removed the bench from under the Sycamore Tree for the time being.  Just in case you wondered where it was.

Jenny Steadman. Chair.>

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photos of the Sycamore tree

If anyone has got a nice digital photo of the Sycamore tree that they could email me I would be very grateful as this may help in our discussions with Highways, Woodland Trust and the AONB.

Jenny Steadman.

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The Sycamore Tree


The Parish Council are waiting for more information from Highways. We are also in contact with the AONB and the Ancient Tree Forum.  As soon as we have more news we will let everyone in the village know. No work will be carried out on our Sycamore without more consultation.

Jenny Steadman

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