today we parked the car just passed pen ridge house on the right hand side of the road  to walk the dogs in the woods on a circular walk . To our utter amazement we were greeted with a wltshire police notice yes i did say wiltshire questioning why we were there.On phoning the wiltshire police  , i was met with varying excusses from the telephone staff including that we should not be driving to the other side of the village to walk the dogs ,that all the  forces cooperated so that is the reason wiltshire force were allowed to float about puting notices on cars , and on top of everything ! i quoted directly from the government advice webpage and was tiold the website was incorrect the cheek of these people is gobsmacking .The fact that wiltshire police appear to have nothing to do except ride round on jollys sticking notices on car windscreens and yet where were they when quite a few cars were broken into on that same road leads me to question wether all the whining of shortage of police numbers etc is necessary .but rest assured looks like we are all being kept an eye on .i have made some formal compaints on the matter and awaite full clarification directly as to what the bill actualy be aware anyone might be next especialy since the threatening of a £60 fine having been given the notice once.

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