On the evening/night of 15 March the Community Field had a visit from some individuals who decided that it would be a good idea to use the field as a pub and then to smash their empty bottles on the play equipment and against the wall of the 'block house'

This obviously left a considerable amount of broken glass on the play equipment and the  surrounding safety playing surfaces and grass

Firstly  can we ask that if you use the area around the play equipment, be aware that we have spent a considerable amount of time picking up the glass  but green glass on grass is not easy to see. We are 99% sure that the area is clear but please be vigilant.

Secondly ,we are pretty sure the offenders arrived by car so if you saw anything suspicious or unusual, or a vehicle/vehicles near the Community Field on the evening of 15th March, please let any member of the Field Committee or Parish Council know.

Thirdly, if you should notice a vehicle that you don't normally see around the village, parked outside or near the Community Field, it would be useful if you could make a note of the colour, make and if possible the registration number.

Please do not approach any individuals - we do not want you to put yourselves in any confrontational dispute with this type of individual.

The Wincanton Police are  aware of this incident

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Comment by Robert Backus on March 21, 2017 at 19:33
Disgusting. We'll try and pop up and look around for any left over glass. I hope the culprits get caught and dealt with appropriately.

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