Does anybody remember this occasion,village fete? approximately 1958-1962?The right hand side is Mr and Mrs Brain Young of Pen-ridge farm.

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Comment by Stella Parcell on June 8, 2019 at 22:25

Hi David

I think I have found the information by chance!  My original notes I compiled 5 years ago which included who opened the Fete each year when I could identify them.....

In 1958 is was Air Commodore Whitworth - he seems the most likely arriving by air.  In 1959 it was Admiral Pugey GB CB DSO (I can’t read that name with certainty). In 1960 it was the Duchess of Somerset, 1961 Mrs Longfield, 1962, Mrs Lyon-Smith.  I wonder if you can recall any of these?

And yes, Heather was a Trim and I think she gave me the photograph you sent. She can probably answer any other questions you might have.

Comment by david cooper on June 6, 2019 at 14:34

Hi Stella, 

Yes, I should have realized that was Ernest Young, I did a job for him when I was a Boy, I used to work for Brain Young. My mother (Barbara Bond) and father (Walter Bond) are stood next to the Young's with my two sisters Mary Anne and Betty Bond. Was Heather Stan Trims daughter? However I live in Sunderland now and have done for the last 48 years. 

Comment by Stella Parcell on June 5, 2019 at 20:02

Hi David

I have a copy of this picture in my attic.  It forms part of the archives of the Village Fete which will be celebrating it’s 65th year this year!  I gathered the material from donations from villagers and old minute books for our 60th Fete.  I believe the gentleman on the right is actually Bryan’s father Ernest standing next to Bryan’s first wife and her son Colin who lives next door to me but might be a bit young to remember much! Heather and David Doe might remember who the celebrity was who landed by helicopter to open that year’s Fete.  I have the name in my box - we can arrange for you can come round sometime and we can find it again.....

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