This friendly group was formed in September 2009 and enjoys a sunny, south-facing site centrally located in the Village. The site consists of 11 full plots, some of which have been divided to suit individual members requirements. The site benefits from rabbit and badger-proof fencing, water, tool storage and limited parking.

Some of the produce that has already been enjoyed from Pen Selwood’s allotments includes the following:

Apples, asparagus, aubergine, beetroot, blackcurrants, borlotti beans, broccoli, blueberries, Brussel sprouts, butternut squash, cabbage, calabrese, carrots, cauliflowers, celery, celeriac, dill, edible flowers, espalier fruit trees, flowers for picking, Florence fennel, French beans, garlic, gooseberries, green beans, herbs, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, kohl rabi, leeks, lettuce, mangetout, new potatoes, onions, red orach, parsnip, peas, perpetual beet, sweet peppers, pumpkins, quince, radish, raspberries, red currants, rhubarb, sweet corn, strawberries, shallots, spinach, tayberries, turnips, heritage varieties, white currants, eXtraordinary crops, zucchini.

Chairman Jackie Collins tel:01747 840072

Secretary Stella Parcell tel:01747 841216 


To go on the waiting list please contact Jackie or Stella. 

Allotment_Constitution.pdf           Health_and_Safety_Statement.pdf

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