What can I do to help the environment? KICKS COUNT

Do you get frustrated when you have to throw packaging away that is not collected by Somerset Council? Here is part of the solution…

KICKS COUNT is a charity that raises the awareness of the importance of baby movements before birth.  Sophia Mason created the charity after losing her first born daughter Chloe to stillbirth. She could not understand why she did not know the importance of baby movements and vowed to make a difference in Chloe’s name. Elizabeth Hutton is now the current CEO and took over from Sophia having organised help for Sophie from ITV’s ‘Surprise Surprise’.  They were given an advertising package for billboards across the UK. It made tens of thousands of people aware and saved babies’ lives. 

Locally, Jo lost her own baby Edith to a still birth and is now making other mums aware of Kicks Count.  It has a happy ending as she now has Hope and Rothen. However, Rothen is only here because of her awareness of baby movements through Kicks Count.  

How can you help?  Jo is a collector for the charity’s recycling initiative.  I have a list of items than that can be recycled to support this charity and it includes items such as toothpaste tubes, old toothbrushes, baby food pouches, crisp and nut packets, sliced bread wrappers, biscuit and cracker wrappers and plastic bottle trigger heads and pumps.  Please find a full list linked here.   Please put all the recycling in a bag with your name and telephone number/e-mail and hang on our gate at Highfield, Coombe Street on the first of each month.  Your name is so that Jo can thank you and also let you know if you have included an item not recyclable.

Thank you

Karen Brooker 840771  k.brooker@hotmail.com

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