Dear Friends

I'm sending out the following to everyone I can think of!  I hope you
don't mind.....

After my daughter Katy's recent divorce, she had to move house and I,
too, am having to remove my living wagon from her yard in north
Cornwall.  I made it five years ago.  The base was the wooden, wheeled
base for a Victorian agricultural machine.  I bought it from David
Mlnaric in Somerset.  I built a large cabin onto the base with a
clerestory window under the roof and with two full length windows and
the door along the long side.  On one short side is an oriel window.
Apart from the front I have clad the other three sides with corrugated

Inside there is a tiny shower room (no shower fitted yet) and loo plus
a bed-sitting room with a compact kitchen with a sink on a unit.  It
has been connected to mains electricity and water and into a septic
tank via a macerator.  The interior needs some painting and
decorating.  The whole thing is 20 ft. by about 8 ft.  It looks like a
large shepherd's hut.  Photos of it unfinished, below.

If I won the lottery I would buy a little piece of land on which to
keep it so that I could visit it regularly!   But realistically I need
to sell it or else I will dismantle it.  Katy has just sadly asked me
if I can move it within two weeks.  Perhaps you could pass this on to
anyone you think might be interested.    If it is of no interest, I'm
sorry to have bothered you.

All the best, James Alexander

ex. Pond Hill

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