KOBO - Has it got a friend in the Village?

First of all I do apologize I posted this originally I think in the wrong section i.e. News.

So here goes -  

I purchased a KOBO several months ago and have read several books on it - so all working fine.  I opted for a KOBO so I could continue to borrow from the library.

I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 and now having problems.  I have read all the Help articles and gone around in circles.  It occurred to me this morning just maybe there is another KOBO living in the community.

I have reloaded 'Overdrive' and Adobe Digital Additions - de-authorized and re-authorized the account, etc, etc.

I have contacted Microsoft but the reply I think was useless so have posted back to them. This morning I am phoning the Library just in case I am not the only one that has issues.

Thank you - Gilly ('Hill Top')

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Gilly perhaps you can explain what a Kobo is.

Thank you Geoff for replying.  Yes - it is I guess on the same line as a Kindle (not that I have used one)  with the advantage of not being in many ways, I think, linked to Amazon.

So I download from the library's ebooks.  I purchased it from John Lewis - not sure if this link will work.


Anyway at present the library help desk via email are really trying to help me get it back up and running.  Last night managed to download another book but something had given it a 'glitch' and it is still not as 'simple' as it was when I first had it.  

I thought I might be missing a trick if someone else had one in the village and they could have shown me how theirs operates.

Thank you again.

I just cannot remember where I found the link to manage this. I sat last night and filed ALL my ‘help sheets’ supplied, feedback and my google searches into a Folder. (I had spent too long going around in circles.)

This morning I sat up in bed with folder (how sad is that) and read through them all and put notes. Then I came across one page headed ‘Windows 10: Associate a File Type with a Specific App.’ It took me awhile to find my way around Win10 for Control Panel >Programs>Default Programs>Set Associations. I braved it and .......

I loaded a new book (my account had failed books) in the hope to have a ‘fresh’ start. I went to checkout and it went to ADE and into library! 

I connected my KOBO and couldn’t believe my eyes it loaded there!

This seemed so simple – however – until you know 'how'!

Other things are happening e.g. in Computer files, a bit above my head, but will look at downloaded help sheets later to do a 'tidy' up. 

In the meantime have a lovely Easter Break!

P.S. Didn't know what book to choose so went for 'The Rough Guide to Cloud Computing'!!!!  (Not sure why maybe I am still in 'looking for an answer mode'.)

It states on front cover '100 websites that will change your life' Well - I am sure I have been in 99 before I look at this book!

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