Given that most if not all social activities are being cancelled its important we retain some social connection.

Think about who you might telephone or video link with. They will appreciate a call in these uncertain times.

Get outdoors - We are surrounded by wonderful countryside so get some exercise. As long as you keep 2 metres away from others its an opportunity for a chat and to discover how others are coping.

Theres no excuse now for not getting the garden in good order. How about we have a best garden competition? And photograph the best examples.

Any other ideas?


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Thank you.  I have emailed to gmail link on 'Pen Selwood Flyer' which is extremely informative - to 'check in'.  We are so fortunate to live in our village. 

Our daughter who lives alone, in London, has had a Flyer through her flat door but will not respond.  She said she doesn't know the people and how does she know she can trust them?  We are so pleased we have the technology to be in contact with her.

Keep safe and well, Gilly

Just had a quick look - brilliant - thank you for sharing.  

P.S. I am adding another one - keep husband in shed as long as possible!!

geoff parcell said:

I saw link that said Women's Institute are adopting another 'word' instead of self-isolation

Maybe they have a point?

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