The current website was created more than 5 years ago. While it serves a purpose of communicating and collaborating in the village, I think it is time to refresh it. I could use some help.

It is a space where anyone signed up can add news items comments etc, rather than a static webpage that relies on the administrators to update it.

I’m looking for three or four people who are interested in contributing to create the next version of the Pen Selwood website. I’m not looking for web experts or coders, though you may have those skills, just a few people with ideas of how we can change it to make it more useful. I’m envisaging up to half a dozen meetings and a few tasks to arrive at a practical and improved space for sharing.

Contact Geoff Parcell at or call 841216

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Sue Burnley has already volunteered. Who else? If the website isn't useful to you, join us to suggest how it could be more useful.


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