I'd be interested to know of others' experiences of broadband in the village lately. Here at The Granary, we've had up and down coverage. Lately, however, I notice that the UPLOAD speed has trebled. Downloads have stabilised at around the same they were when we moved in - so no increase, but equally, no significant degradation as was the case late last year.

I cannot account for the upload increase, but for me it's welcome. It also suggests some sort of change in the infrastructure. Which may also suggest other improvements might be in the offing.

What's your experience of any recent changes?


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I am not knowledgeable on any of this but BT have provided me with a new Hub.  I had complained because my broadband is dropping more than it used to.  In other words the 'swirling' keeps going and it is easier to switch off.

I also told them the master socket still has the British Telecom logo so we came here in 1981 and I think they came out in 1980.  They said because I do not have crackling on the line then all is OK.  

In fact one person, when I said maybe the wires coming into cottage are deteriorating and not able to cope with internet, said if you don't want to pay to have Open Reach coming out  then get a second line put in and use that for your internet??? I said surely that means I am paying for two accounts!  No answer.

Well new hub has been installed on Wednesday and I have still experienced 'drops' where nothing can download and other times been good for me a download of 4 meg and upload of 0.82 and Ping averages about 40'ish.  (Unfortunately I do not understand implications of reading though - just know it is not working when 'swirling' continues.)

BT phoned this morning and said it will take a few days to settle down but can call them back if still issues.

It did occur to me is anyone else experiencing this dropping of internet even more than usual? 

our speed was around 3.5 download with .45 upload, just done a speed test its 6.7 with .77.

It does vary a lot, especially at high usage times.

We are with BT......their customer service is diabolical to put it politely. we had a major out a couple of years ago, took 6 weeks, 15 phone calls to india, 3 manager, 2 senior managers to get it sorted......and it was a dodgy connection box up the road on the pole.....which is what I told them it was, as all of us on that line were having problems......but did they listen!!!! After a lot of hassle I got some small amount of compensation, but not enough to cover my stress and agro.

If you get the same thing, ask them to escalate it to "Level 2", that team are marginally better!



Thank you Rick for your thoughts and we have been with BT forever.

So when you had a dodgy internet connection was there any crackle on the telephone? That seems to be the key for them to take it one stage further.  

I have questioned if it is my laptop - but I can't see why it should be but you begin to doubt yourself.  

Do you think there is any chance that an old line or master socket that still has the T with dots on the right hand top part of the T - is not up to the job for the internet?  

The issue with me seems to be on Internet and all goes OK and then maybe after awhile it can suddenly slow right up (swirl, swirl, ) and when I try to do a speed test the download can be 4 meg but the Upload is O meg or speed test fails.

So is that how it works download can be a 'norm' but the upload stops.  You can tell I don't know what I am talking about but willing to learn ready for Level 2 if needs be.



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