Many of you will have noticed me out pounding the streets by day and night again in all weather!  This is because I am training to run the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 4th March to raise funds for my new employer, our second nearest Air Ambulance.  We are just completing our new purpose built facility just up the road in Semington which will unite the Charity fundraising staff with the Operations team and our modern Bell 429 helicopter.  Rest assured there are no glass county boundaries up in the sky so you may well see us in the Pen if anyone needs rapid transportation to the most appropriate hospital such as Southampton or Bristol.  All Air Ambulances are charities and receive no government funding so every donation you can generously make will help save lives.  I'm aiming to run it in 1:30 hrs so your donations will also push me through the next couple of weeks training - just type this link to go straight to my Just Giving site. 

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Is it still on Rob?

 They are in a meeting now ... 

They have just cancelled it :-(

For those who haven't seen my JustGiving website - I am going to run the Bath 1/2 Marathon next year instead.  I did enter my old school cross-country race the weekend after the Bath 1/2 and managed to win it (wearing my Wiltshire Air Ambulance shirt).  I trust this is ok & thank you once again for your generous support;we now have the keys to our new base and will be fully operational from it by the end of May.

I have employed a running coach, entered the Gilly Hilly and AVR 1/2 Marathon in November before racing for my old school in London in December - this #### just got real! :-)

I managed to win my age category at the Gilly Hilly so next stop is the AVR 1/2 Marathon where I hope to obtain a sub 1:30 hrs qualifying time for Bath ...

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