My 02 mobile signal at home (Pen Selwood) seems to have got poorer in recent weeks.  At first I blamed my iPhone but having checked using two other phones it appears not and the signal is fine elsewhere.

Has any other 02 user noticed any change?

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I use giffgaff for my mobile and my signal is useless most of the time up here.  Having said that it has not got poorer in recent weeks.

(I remember my Adult grandchildren trying to convert me from 02 to giffgaff and I thought the name was silly and OK for the 'young')  Now I am a convert and it runs on the 02 network if i am correct.  Also works out cheaper.)

I have found a lot of 'swirling' with my BT Internet, which is usually OK for what I need, thought I would have much faster speed with so many leaving and going to Wessex.  (Only joking)


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