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Volunteers for Moldrams Ground Nature Reserve needed

Rachael Whaites, the South Somerset Ranger whose team of staff and volunteers make regular visits to Moldrams Ground Nature Reserve, are looking for volunteers from the parish to help maintain and enhance the reserve. They will be visiting the Black Bin cafe on 12th February, to coincide with their next working party.

Volunteering flyer

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Good News for Bourton's Bees


Allowing native wild flowers to come into flower and set their seed along Bourton main road's long grassy bank, forming part of the Bourton Beeline Project is already showing some real benefits. …

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Moldrams Ground Report

On 21st March, Moldrams Ground volunteers and SSDC rangers had a lovely morning working together. 

The first task was to plant a large number of Hazel saplings, generously funded by Geoff and Stella Parcell to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary! They were planted just inside the first entrance and will grow to maturity to provide a great habitat for the Hazel Dormouse, only discovered on the site last year. What a great idea!…


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Moldrams Ground Tree Clearance Morning

SSDC Rangers and volunteers alike had a great morning on Fri 24th, clearing a huge fallen larch that was blocking one of the main pathways through the reserve. The recent gales had caused at least 8 trees to fall, but none had caused any serious problems apart from the one massive larch and a smaller ivy-covered tree that had collapsed across the fencing into the top field.…


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Moldrams Ground Ponds Update

STOP PRESS: Storm News - Recent storms brought down more than half a dozen trees on the reserve. SSDC have been informed. Most will be left to rot naturally and provide further wildlife habitats. Those considered dangerous, blocking pathways or damaging fences will be cleared.


After the recent volunteer day during which some pond vegetation was…


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SSDC rangers and local volunteers met up on Monday 25th and had a great time improving the ponds for the our valued local wildlife. Click below to see the results!

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Wonderful News from Moldrams Ground

We have just had some great news with the sighting of a female Hazel Dormouse on the reserve. Check out the relevant page by following this link >

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Moldrams Ground Team Day

The next Moldrams Team Day will be on November 25th. The plan is to carry out a bit of tree work and also clear vegetation out of the ponds. If anyone would like to join us please meet at the lower field gate at approximately 11 am.  

Rachael, the SSDC ranger also asked me to pass on her sincere thanks to all the volunteers that helped to complete the bracken bash, which for the first time covered the entire reserve.…


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Bracken Bashing at Moldrams Ground

On Wednesday 4th, our group of volunteers, with the expert assistance from Orin our new junior member, had a very enjoyable morning bracken bashing at the reserve. It was a beautiful morning and we started at the top entrance and worked our way down through the reserve. By the time we had finished, almost the whole reserve had been completed. Bracken can easily take over a site and breaking the main stem is a good way to reduce its strength so it is less prolific the following year. We are…


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"State of Nature" and Moldrams Ground Nature Reserve

The latest report called "State of Nature" from 25 wildlife and conservation organisations makes very worrying reading. It shows very clearly that wildlife reserves, valuable as they are, are incapable of saving our wildlife, much of which is now under severe threat. Even one of our national wildlife icons, the Hedgehog is now under threat of extinction in the UK and it is likely that our grandchildren will never see one. Wouldn't it be good if every parish would pro-actively encourage…


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Successful Newt Survey at Moldrams Ground

Hello Everyone,
Those of us who met Rachael the reserve ranger and her team on 3rd May were delighted to be witnesses to the most successful survey ever recorded at the reserve. Newts were discovered thriving in all three ponds and at the larger of the two top ponds, the largest number of Great Crested Newts ever recorded were logged, showing a very healthy population exists here.…

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