DORMOUSE PAGE - Dormouse hanging on by its paw tips at Moldrams Ground

During a recent "Bracken Bash" at the reserve, a Dormouse nest was discovered among one of the areas of bramble. Check out the photo of the nest. These delightful creatures are currently very much at risk on the site as there are no suitable wildlife corridors linking the reserve to other suitable habitats. The highly endangered Hazel Dormouse is very much an arboreal species and the presence of hedgerows, especially those with mixed fruits and nuts, is essential for them to spread and come into contact with other Dormouse communities. Can we manage the hedgerows better for the benefit of the Dormouse?

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Comment by Bernard Sullivan on October 14, 2013 at 17:16

Rachel the Ranger went up to the reserve recently to check the Dormouse boxes. She apologises that she couldn’t let anyone know sooner but this was organised just a few days before. But she and her colleague found our first live Dormouse and it was a female! They also found several wood mouse nests that were abandoned but in two of the boxes they found Pygmy Shrews -yet another protected species! She urges everyone not to disturb the boxes as Dormice are a schedule 1 protected species, which means you need a licence to disturb/handle them. Rachael had to be assisted by a volunteer Sarah Hobbs who has got her Dormouse licence. As it is getting close to hibernation they are particularly vulnerable. 

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