Monarch's Way Oak - new tree update

Thank you all very much to those of you that have supported Eryl’s campaign for the village funding of a new ‘Royal’(?) Oak tree, to replace the original oak that sadly lost its existence due to Storm Eunice. It was a beautiful tree ~ clearly loved & admired by many.  It stood so proudly in our lower field which – rather ironically – we had named Oak Tree field on our arrival to Penselwood.

Therefore, it is fitting that a replacement is planted in that same field – on the Monarch’s Way. However, we have been advised not to plant it in the middle of the field since tractor damage in the past was most likely the cause of its demise. We have therefore decided to plant the new tree at the junction of Monarch’s Way & the other footpath crossing that field – where sadly an Ash will be lost due to ‘die-back’.

The correct planting time for trees such as Oak is – we have been reliably informed – November through to March. Especially if we want to avoid the need for watering – which we definitely do!  As we anticipate a hard winter may be round the corner, we are hoping to get the new tree planted late November or soon thereafter, once a suitable sapling has been sourced by David Harness – our local Arborist & tree specialist, who many of you know.

Eryl is working hard to secure the protection railings although this is proving somewhat frustrating but I’m sure she will succeed.

Many thanks again for your support for the new tree & for your patience in awaiting its planting.  We will keep you informed & hopefully all get together as Eryl intended, to celebrate; the late Queen, the new King & a new Royal Oak tree for the legendary Monarch’s Way.

Liz Newton

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