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Mental & emotional support

The Parish Council has agreed that the village should have a way of supporting anyone who wants help and is either self-isolating or is ill with the Covid virus. 

It would be very helpful if anyone who is self-isolating or has been diagnosed with the virus could either contact us themselves or arrange for someone else to do so. You can either telephone one of the numbers below or send an email to We will then ensure that someone checks every day with anyone who is sick or self-isolating to see whether they need help with shopping, medication, pets or anything else. This will also enable us to keep track of what is happening in the village so that event organisers can be kept informed. 

01747 841431 (Elizabeth and Adrian Carter)

01747 840164 (Carol and Robert Nutter) 

01747 841481 (Jane Ashman and Richard Gething)

01747 841216 (Geoff and Stella Parcell)

It is suggested that everyone who lives alone should make sure that they have a spare key with a neighbour or in a key box in case they do not feel up to getting to the door and, if possible, make their own arrangements to cover animal care and essential shopping should they be taken ill. Anyone who is not able to make on line payments for essential shopping should consider keeping a small stock of cash in the house.

Guidance for volunteers

Parish Council

Facebook and WhatsApp to stay in touch

There's now a Facebook group Penselwood Friends set up and a WhatsApp group building to share local information. Contact one of the people above if you need help to connect.


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