Just before lockdown, the Parish Council agreed that we should set up a group to coordinate voluntary help for those who needed to self-isolate. A lot has happened since then and we are keeping the village website up to date with links to the latest Government advice and regulations and lists of local businesses who will deliver to the village. Most of us have been able to make arrangements to have food delivered or have contacts who will help us with shopping, getting medication and other needs. However, there are several new faces in the village who may not know about this and it looks as though we may be in for a hard winter. 

We are fortunate to live in an area which is not only lovely to spend time in but has one of the lowest infection rates in the country at the time of writing.  But even in Somerset, cases are on the rise. This note is by way of a reminder that, if you fall ill, test positive for Covid or are asked to self-isolate because you have been in touch with someone who has tested positive, it would helpful if you could call one of the following so that we can make sure you have any help you need and check on you if you live alone. You can do this by either emailing penselwood.covid@gmail.com or by phoning;

  • Elizabeth and Adrian Carter 01747 841431
  • Jane Ashman and Richard Gething 01747 841481
  • Geoff and Stella Parcell 01747 841216
  • Carol and Robert Nutter 01747 840164

We have a list of people who are willing to help out with shopping, medication and pets if people are confined to home and we are currently updating this. Lets hope we can get through this whole thing without anyone in the village being taken seriously ill, but any cases of infection may well affect more than one person in the village so we do need to stay alert. If you would like to volunteer and havent given us your name before, are under 70 and have not been asked to shield, please let one of the contacts above know, how you could help.

The village website at penselwood.ning.com is the best way to keep in touch with the latest rules and regulations. Please let us know if you are not able to access the website and we will make sure you are notified if there are changes to the rules that affect us locally.

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