I have been talking to my Aunt in Mere quite a lot this last two weeks, because of my mother's ill health, with a constant crackle on the line which she has heard more than me when on her own calls.  She said many people in Mere are complaining.

Today I have received a phone call from someone else not in Mere and I was subject to this terrible interference on the line that made me question is it my phone - but - it can't be when my Aunt in Mere has been telling me about her interference. 

So the question is - has anyone else been experiencing this?

Thank you

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Landline OK, Internet keeps dropping out though.

Thank you for replying.  I too have noticed internet dropping and crackle on phone reduces.  How do l know that - because when on a call thought phone had corrected.  Then noticed orange light on hub so internet down.  

Geoff, are you still getting internet issues? I've not had any, but I now have Infinity, and it's not as fast as I'd be told. They're claiming an issue in the area is at fault. Sunday is the scheduled 'fix' date. I'd be interested in knowing what happens on Monday.

geoff parcell said:

Landline OK, Internet keeps dropping out though.

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